After a bit of a hiatus, Sunday School has returned at Trinity with Anna Will providing leadership to this ministry with support and resources from caring adults who are willing to partner with her.  If you are also interested in providing support to her, please contact the church office.
   Children will depart the worship service at the time of the Scripture readings and move to the Fellowship Hall for Sunday School.  Thanks, Anna and all who have stepped forward to nurture this important ministry.
   Youth Connections Program (YCP) is an after-school academic program that assists any students at Birchwood School District who need extra support to get that support, four days a week, Mondays through Thursdays, from 3:30 pm. to 5 pm. 
   Grades K-5th grades take part in activities that are centered on reading, math, science, technology, engineering, recess, and drama club.  They work at these subjects through crafts and games, have a snack, but also have access to tutoring, and homework assistance when needed.  This program is led by Rose Cutsforth (YCP Coordinator) and backed up with volunteers from the community, and student helpers from the Birchwood School.
   Middle school and high school students meet in the library, supervised by Birchwood teachers, or before school in a teacher’s room.  They have access to a study hall where they can catch up on homework and guided enrichment focusing on the curriculum of their current classes and are able to get academic help when needed. 
   The school and YCP program are waiting to hear if a grant which was applied for will be awarded, which will give them a better opportunity to meet their academic standards, provide healthy academic enrichment, and develop positive youth behavior while attending the after school program.
   Rose Cutsforth, who is a member of our church, invites any interested persons from our church to contact her at 715-977-2905 for additional information.  Or call her at the school:  715-354-3471.  She can use more volunteers to work with YCP, as well as the Book Buddy program. 
   She informed us that last month (February) she gained two more volunteers for the Book Buddy program at school because of the Women of Trinity’s “Stepping Out” program.  More book buddies are still needed.  This program runs Tuesday through Thursday at the school, 8:30 am. to 10:50 am. 
  Why not give one of these programs a try?